Inkscape 1.0.2-2 + Portable [Latest]


Inkscape– Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape is for you!

It comes with a powerful set of tools for drawing and editing graphic objects, including markers, gradients, shapes, paths, clones, alpha blending and more, but it also allows freehand drawing. With just a few clicks, you can move and scale objects, create object groups and edit multiple items.

Direct XML editing, document mapping, screen pixel manipulation, node editing, bitmap tracing are some of the features worth mentioning. It provides layer support and allows you to perform complex path operations, as well as apply and edit path effects. Additionally, the application comes with text editing tools, such as the SVG font editor, glyphs and multilingual spell checking.

One of its advantages is the wide range of available filters and extensions, which allows users to build more unusual graphics. From color filters, bluring, distort and different materials to morphology filters and non realistic 3D shaders, all are designed to help you enlarge the design possibilities and unleash your creativity.

Whether you want to create a simple icon for your desktop or plan on designing complex marketing materials, Inkscape includes all the instruments you need. It features similar capabilities to some of its well-known competitors, which makes it a great tool for every graphic designer out there.

• Drawing: pencil tool, pen tool, calligraphy tool
• Text tool (multi-line text, full on-canvas editing)
• Transformations (moving, scaling, rotating, skewing)
• Alignment and distribution commands
• Color selector (RGB, HSL, CMYK, color wheel, CMS)
• Color picker tool
• Dashed strokes, with many predefined dash patterns
• Path simplification, with variable threshold
• Path insetting and outsetting, including dynamic and linked offset objects
• Uses any installed outline fonts, including right-to-left scripts
• Kerning, letterspacing, linespacing adjustments
• Fully anti-aliased display
• Alpha transparency support for display and PNG export
• Perfectly compliant SVG format file generation and editing
• Live watching and editing the document tree in the XML editor

What’s New
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Title Release: Inkscape.1.0.2-2
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: XDNHV
Inkscape 1.0.2-2 x32 (89 MB)
Inkscape 1.0.2-2 x64 (89 MB)
Inkscape 1.0.2-2 x32 Portable (84 MB)
Inkscape 1.0.2-2 x64 Portable (84 MB)


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